jazz cowboy 420 volume 1

by Solomon Bernard Slicke



writing a buncha of country tunes cuz i'm depressed as fuck all the time and want to die here's a few i went and recorded before i have to get on the bus to get to work today they don't make me any less depressed but they help me function and do all the shit i need to do, thanks country music


released June 29, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: lovely whether we're having
wind so hard i can’t stand
clouds stretched open by your hands
puddles from leaves
see the sky looking at the ground

the watershed of my front porch has been drowned

you really tide me over
like the moon pulling closer
i say let the deluge run free,
it’s fine by me
you could rot all of my wood
bereft of raft
and leave me adrift
with nothing to cover my skin

it would still be lovely whether we're having
or tea
lovely weather we’re having:
silence and steam
a seat by the sea
watching the waves
from your moon rising up,
your tangible cancer
growing on me

pressed and impressed by heat
make the ground sweat where you walk
in and out of my skin
swathed in the blanket of atmosphere

i never dress for the occasion correct

you really make the days
setting the tone
framing my moods
and painting my bones
you say it’s too hot outside
temperature kills
i keenly observe
my skies bend to your will

it would still be lovely whether we’re having
or alone
lovely weather we’re having:
the lines for the phone
are fallen and over-
subtly searching for connection
in these turbulent times
i find
that clouds break for no one
but themselves
but they can still wish us well

i am at the mercy of the weather
the mercy of the changing weather
seasons change,
and all i can do is beg for
and a pleasant day
Track Name: see
down by the old one we see
layers of people spent

oh, but your clock is broke
your fragmented sense of time
reflected in cracks

down at the old spot we see
but we do not understand

better not to see
better to read your things and
pray for remembrance

you can see anything if you look hard enough
Track Name: night meets day and flies away
old melodies
that i had forgot invoked
black clouds gaining steam
through the trees
the air is receding
their antlike proceeding
through the cracks in the walls
driving in stakes and driving out pressure
i can’t reach my poison, my lecherous leisure
everything that i touch, returned to the aether
replaced with murky visions of Paradise bombed

i woke with the window up
hot pollen greeting me the day
so many figures making passes
beyond the barriers of glasses

things happen when you let the world
sneak in through the open window
strange and strangely welcome
on the line always, off it seldom

no more hell in waking hours
no more hell in the people i pass
the clarity of motion
i cede my fears to the ocean